John Deere 5045d Tractor Reviews and Complaints

John deere 344h problems

We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used solely for sending this news. John Deere has recalled 3 riding mowers sold between August and December because the mower can continue to operate with the blades engaged even if the user gets up from the seat. Typically, if the operator of a riding mower rises from the seat with the blades engaged, the engine shuts down to reduce the risk of laceration to the user or a bystander.

No injuries or incidents have been recorded. During the course of the tests, the blades of either mower were not observed to continue operating when the user left the seat. The John Deere ZR is highly rated, cutting well in all three cutting modes, and was previously a recommended model. The mowers were sold at authorized John Deere dealers and Homedepot. They are green and yellow with covers of different sizes.

How to Troubleshoot a John Deere Starter

If you have a John Deere ZTrak mower, check the serial number with the recall notice from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which includes the full list of affected serial numbers. To find your model number, look on the control panel.

1998 DEERE 344H For Sale

The serial number is located on the rear frame of the mower, next to the engine. John Deere will also contact the owners directly.

john deere 344h problems

If your model is affected, you should discontinue use and contact an authorized John Deere service center for repair, free of charge. This poses a laceration risk to the user or bystanders.

The remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled mowers and contact an authorized John Deere service center to schedule a free inspection and repair. Contact the manufacturer: Consumers can contact John Deere at or online at www. As a classically trained chef and DIY enthusiast, I’ve always valued having the best tool for a job, whether the task at hand is cutting onions for mirepoix or hanging drywall.

john deere 344h problems

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Welcome to HeavyEquipmentForums. This is the deal. The super of the grounds was the loam screening today and it poured into the screener and backed up and suddenly lost all hydraulics. There are no loader controls, no forward, reverse, and the parking brake which is an electronic switch on the dash will not turn off.

I have looked everywhere but have not found any oil leaks, the engine runs fine, revs well, I have checked the fuses and I have not found any bad, all the sensors on the loader arm seem fine, there is no dirt no sticks stuck in or around them.

Hydraulic fluid is full. I turned the machine off and back on and there is still nothing. It has me baffled. I’d check to make sure it’s pumping fluid though it’s funny about the electric E-brake right now too, maybe a stuck or bad relief valve?

Arc BurnNov 18, Could there be a sensor in the seat to ensure the operator is seated? Many of the newer machines have some type of safety switch that disables the hydraulics if the operator is not safely seated. Steve FrazierNov 18, Make sure a pump shaft has not come off or if it is a variable displacement pump that the cam may have in neutral. It could also be the charge pump causing the problems a. TaylortractornuNov 18, A Gas Lawn Mower Offers Several Benefits Over An Electric One.

Gas mowers can sometimes be difficult to start, but with an electric starter you can guarantee that it starts the first time. A ride-on mower is suitable for larger areas, and allows you to finish mowing much faster. With a wider width of cut, you will have to make fewer passes when mowing, reducing the time required. This is especially important if you have a large lawn. With the mulching function, grass clippings are further cut into finely chopped grass that is blown out onto the lawn, fertilizing it and making it more resistant to drought.

The brake of the blades allows to stop the rotation of the blades without having to switch off the motor. This is useful if you need to clear debris from the mower or go through a gravel area.

john deere 344h problems

More height-of-cut adjustments give you more versatility in choosing the optimal length for your lawn, based on existing conditions. A shorter cutting height can allow you to have a better looking lawn, but only under optimal conditions, such as hot weather and moderate sunlight.

An OHV overhead valve engine is often found in higher-end models, and provides more power and fuel economy than a side valve design.

Horsepower is the most common unit for measuring engine power. A faster reverse speed makes it possible to turn and maneuver more quickly. This measurement is the total volume of all cylinders in the engine, also known as the engine displacement. This is one of the many aspects of an engine that determines its power, but in general a larger size indicates more power.

Although there are many aspects that determine power, a greater number of cylinders is usually a good indication of the potential power of the engine. A variable speed mower is beneficial because you may want to reduce or increase speed depending on the area you are mowing, for example slowing down when making sharp turns around a tree. You can adjust the height of all four wheels at the same time, unlike some lawnmowers where you have to adjust each wheel separately.

This makes adjusting the height of the mower faster and easier. Summary Prices Specifications. John Deere X General Information Cut Quality Performance Features. Why is the John Deere X better than average? Greater width of cut. Scroll down to see more details.

What are the most popular comparisons? General information 1. It is gas. 2. It is wireless. The most common problems with John Deere tractors include engine problems such as overheating, malfunction, and backfire. Other common problems with John Deere tractors include transmission leaks and gas and oil leaks.

Many John Deere consumers say that a common problem with John Deere tractors is that the transmission wears out quickly and requires costly repairs. Other consumers say that excessive vibration in the tractor leads to other problems in the tractor, because the vibration loosens other parts.

These other problems often include broken connecting rods or parts that get stuck or locked, thus not working effectively. Consumers report that another common problem with John Deere tractors is that the warranty is too short to cover many problems that occur shortly after purchase.

They also say that John Deere frequently changes suppliers, which is why older tractor models quickly become so outdated that service companies cannot effectively service them. John Deere offers troubleshooting information with a list of common problems and possible solutions. These problems include belt slippage, mower blades not cutting, and patches of uneven or uncut grass. John Deere lists a number of common engine problems including difficulty starting the engine and unexpected engine shutdown.

John Deere series mowers come with many standard features to assist with your lawn care needs. With proper care and maintenance, your stock mower will last for a long time.

In the event that you are unable to start your mower, troubleshooting several key areas can get your mower working effectively and efficiently again. Check the fuel level to make sure there is enough fuel to start the John Deere series mower engine. Add gasoline to the tank if it is low. If the machine has been stored or has not been used for 30 days, the manufacturer recommends emptying the gasoline into an approved container and replacing it with fresh gasoline.

Add gasoline stabilizer to the tank if the machine is to be stored for more than 30 days. John Deere recommends using gasoline with an octane rating no lower than Raise the seat and inspect the battery for loose wires or corrosion. If the cables are loose, tighten the bolts with an open end wrench.

If the cables are corroded, clean them with a wire brush and apply a light coating of dielectric grease to the ends of the cables before tightening them. Using a voltmeter, check that the battery is charged at least If the voltage is lower, remove the ground wire and connect a battery charger to the battery to charge it until Lift the hood and locate the air filter cover on the engine.

Inspect the outer foam filter for dirt and debris. If it is dirty, clean it with a solution of warm water and dish detergent. After cleaning, allow the filter element to dry before reinstalling it.

Inspect the inner paper filter for dirt or damage. Reinstall the filters and close the hood before attempting to start. Check that the John Deere series procedures are followed.

Starting the engine requires the brake lever to be firmly depressed. For the engine to start, the driver has to be seated in order to activate the seat switch. Locate the in-line fuel filter, located between the engine and the fuel tank. Using pliers, disconnect the gas line that is connected to the fuel filter closest to the engine.

Place a container under the filter to catch any dripping gasoline. If gasoline is not leaking, the fuel filter is clogged and needs to be replaced. Online fuel filters can be purchased at most lawn mower repair shops or home supply stores. Burns McKay has worked as a journalist since the 1970s as a writer, reporter, editor, and managing editor. Low Coolant Temperature. The fuel pump is not working properly. Engine overheating.

Running at too fast ground speed for conditions. Dirty or faulty fuel injectors.

john deere 344h problems

Improperly adjusted implement. Improperly adjusted implement, causing drag on the machine. Check that the alternator 3-pin connector is securely plugged in. Defective neutral start switch. Faulty ignition or key switch. The brake linkage is worn or damaged. Excessive steering play. The following is not a complete list of errors that may appear on the instrument panel of your machine. Release both pedals and step on one at a time. Low battery. Blown fuse.

Electric problem. Engine does not start Incorrect engine oil viscosity. The engine manual throttle lever has not been pushed forward. Cold start system not used or malfunctioning. Clogged fuel filter.

John Deere Recalls Riding Lawn Tractors Due to Crash Hazard

Faulty fuel solenoid. Air intake system clogged. Dirty fuel cap. Faulty seat switch. Replace the starter or have the tractor serviced by a qualified repair technician if these troubleshooting steps do not work.

How to Troubleshoot a John Deere 100 Series

A John Deere tractor can give you years of useful service, making common garden tasks easier and less time wasting. John Deere has developed a good name over the years as a manufacturer of reliable garden and farm equipment.

That does not mean that there are no problems from time to time. A common problem that you may encounter has to do with the starter, but the check is a simple procedure that can determine if your starter is bad or not.

Check the battery. It is a good idea to check this before checking the starter motor because the battery supplies power to the starter motor and if the battery is dead the starter motor will not respond. Check connections and look for corrosion. If you are unsure, you can use a battery meter to check the power output. Check the starter and starter relay wiring connections.

Look for loose connections at either point. Tighten any necessary connections. To find the starter, you have to look at the top rear of the engine. Check the fuse. If the battery is supplying juice and your connections are solid with the starter and starter relay, you may have a blown fuse.

The fuse panel is located just under the hood of the tractor. If the fuse has a broken internal connection, it will need to be replaced. Patrick Cameron is a freelance writer with 10 years of diverse experience in consumer goods brands, promotions, and retail communications.

He works from his home in Denver, Colorado. He received a BA in Mass Communication from the University of Minnesota. Hunker can earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Things You Will Need Battery meter Screwdriver.

Tip Replace the starter motor or have the tractor checked by a qualified repair technician if these troubleshooting steps don’t do the trick.John Deere can make great lawn jobs easy.Step 1 Check the battery.Step 2 Check the starter motor and starter relay wiring connections.

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