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The John Deere 5045 Utility Tractor is the smallest in the JD 5000 Series. There are actually 2 variants of the JD 5045. One is the John Deere 5045D and the other is the John Deere 5045E. The only difference between these 2 machines is the hitch. One has a 5D series 3 point hitch while the other machine has a 5E series 3 point hitch. Other than that, they are completely the same machine with the same engine. The engine that powers the 5045 is designed and built by JD themselves. It is a PowerTech 3029 diesel engine, turbocharged. The engine has a displacement of 2.9 liters and a power of 45 CV. The engine does not overheat thanks to its liquid cooling system.

Similar but larger John Deere 5045 models include the John Deere 5055D and John Deere 5055E. Power from the JD 5045E’s engine is transferred to the wheels via a SyncShuttle hydrostatic transmission that provides the tractor with 9 forward gears and 3 in reverse. On the JD 5045D, the transmission is a SyncReverser that gives you 8 speeds when forwarding and 4 when reversing. The hitch that comes with the JD 5045E has a maximum lift capacity of 1447 kg (3,192 lbs) while the hitch on the JD 5045D has a slightly lower maximum lift capacity of 1274 kg (2,810 lbs).

The John Deere 5045 Utility Tractor comes with 2WD and a differential lock that gives you better traction when navigating rough terrain. As well as coming with full front lighting, you’ll also be happy to know that this JD 5045 utility tractor also has a rear halogen work light to illuminate the area where you may be backing up. You’ll be glad to know that this machine comes with hydrostatic power steering that makes it less stressful to operate on slopes at high speeds.Screenshot 3

PowerTech Tier 4 Final Engine

This engine is designed to meet Environmental Protection Agency standards for emissions, which means operators have one less thing to worry about while on the job. It also provides up to 48 horsepower and includes three cylinders for maximum efficiency.

Open center hydraulics

The John Deere 5045E features an open center hydraulic system with fast cycle times, which means no time is wasted while moving material. A tandem gear pump supplies power to the system, essentially acting like two pumps working together to provide high flow.

Versatile hydraulics

The John Deere 5045E can be equipped with up to four economy-class Selective Control Valves (SCVs). Single, double and center mount selective control valves are all options for this tractor.


The PowrReverser transmission comes standard on the John Deere 5045E. Forward and Reverse Hydraulic Wet Clutches were designed with maximum durability in mind. Two deck mounted levers make it easy for operators to maintain control in the cab.

Adjustable 2WD axle

The 2WD front axle on the John Deere 5045E is adjustable, which means it can adapt to any job or terrain. The front axle also provides 10 degrees of axle oscillation, allowing you to follow uneven terrain consistently for a smoother ride.

Accessible service points

All John Deere 5045E service points are easily accessible. The one-piece hood tilts up for easy access to the air cleaner, radiator, and coolant recovery tank. The coolant reservoir also has a transparent design, which means that operators do not have to remove the radiator cap to check the coolant level.

Differential lock

The John Deere 5045E differential lock means operators can get into muddy conditions with better traction. The lock allows power to be applied equally to both rear wheels in the event of a slip.
Easy hitch adjustment

Hitch adjustments on the John Deere 5045E can be easily made using a steering shaft control lever. Operators can also adjust the speed at which an implement is lowered simply by modifying the rock shaft to the rate of fall.
Independent power take-off

Electrohydraulic PTO is standard with PowrReverser transmission. An easy-to-push button engages and disengages the PTO independent of the transmission’s traction clutch.Screenshot 4


5045D:2WD Economy
5045E:4WD Mid-spec

John Deere 5045 Review

I bought this tractor for a smaller 20 acre place that we have, it was my first tractor. The tractor has been great, no complaints and no problems. I need to put the wheels on it (which I haven’t done yet) but it has been a great tractor.

We own a couple of locations totaling just over 50 acres. We use our tractor for mulching, plowing, hauling, lifting and spreading. We have an added quick-fit accessory that greatly simplifies the use of the different accessories.

The accessories used are a mulcher, a plow, a bucket, wheelbarrow forks and a hare. We have laid gravel roads, loaded trash, lifted hay bales, pallets of supplies, shredded, worked in sand, spread sand, etc. and the 5045 has done everything we need.
We debated between the 5055E or the 5065E but decided to give the 5045E a try. We have not come across any task that would make us think that we should have opted for the higher powered models.
This tractor was a great value for a John Deere. It is a basic machine with some advantages compared to the “D” model. I highly recommend it.

I had a 2009 John Deere 4005 and traded it in for this 5045E. I wanted a bigger tractor with more loader lift / breakout capacity and synchromesh shift transmission. I am very satisfied with this tractor.

The seat adjustments are comfortable, it packs a lot of power for a 6 ‘brushcutter, it’s maneuverable, and it has a good field of vision. The rock shaft internal valve had to be replaced at 50 hours as it was defective.
However, the dealer immediately fixed it under warranty. Maintenance appears to be straightforward and is very fuel efficient. Mine is stored in the workshop, but I would put a coolant heater in it if it were housed outside. The air box heater works fine in my climate.
I decided on the tires when I bought this tractor and settled on a standard R1 8.3X24 at the front and 13.6X28 at the rear. Now I wish I had spent the extra money and bought bigger R1 or even R4 tires.
The property is new to me and I use it for various garden projects, grounds cleaning, and road maintenance. The smaller R1s leave grooves but traction is good. It is a very stable tractor on the slopes of my property. I am wearing a retractable seat belt and I feel in control.
I grew up on a farm in Iowa and green was my favorite tractor. I retired from the Marine Corps a few years ago in the heavy machinery field so owning a John Deere was my dream. You will pay a little more for green paint, but I’m fine with that for fulfilling my dream.
Now I have my 5045e 4wd for 5 years and I am very happy. The tractor is mainly used to cut the pasture, move the hay, and maintain the roads around our farm. The front loader is a great addition that I have never had before. I have not had any problems with mine and would buy it again without regret.

I have a little over 100 hours on my 5045e. For my 10 acre farm, this tractor, as expected, offers functionality, simplicity and utility in mowing, tillage and, with the loader, many other tasks around the property, including snow removal and movement of dirt / gravel. I’ve looked at many other models, and this one meets my needs without hydrostatic transmissions … this tractor really combines comfort, ease of use, and serviceability in a very affordable package.

Great reliability I expect from John Deere. I love the size (5,000 pounds) and it has a proven long-life diesel engine with great hydraulic capabilities. To be honest mine is the old 2010 5045E with low hours <800 and it still works and operates like new. I highly recommend the 4×4, especially if you plan on using it all year round and using the loader (mine 553). Big difference in everything compared to my previous 4 series model.

Good machine. I live in East Tennessee on the ridges. I have widened the front and rear wheels. Factory settings were dangerous for my farm. I’m mowing, raking, and packing about 15 acres, planting about 3 acres of feedlots, hoarding 10 acres, and keeping my property clean. This tractor does a good job. Now I have 280hrs without a problem. I’m just disappointed with the power. I guess I was spoiled by old David Brown.

I am using my John Deere 5045E as a forest tractor with my 3 point hitch tree winch and 3 point wood chipper … perfect for my large acreage in New Hampshire! Built like a tank, 1450 hours and runs and looks like new.

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